New Automated Clay Brick Moulding & Pressing Machine
(Country Clay Brick alternative for Hand molding Bricks)

We are the only manufacturer & exporter for Automated Clay Bricks Making Machine in India.On 6 Different Typesof Bricks Machineries.Model: CMP 1800 ( Clay molding and pressing) Relevant machine to Box Hand Mold Brick Manufacturers.The method adopted will vary according to the nature of the clay used; its water content and type of brick required.

Hand-Made: Traditional method of brick making, the clot of clay is rolled in moulding & thrown by hand into a wooden frame mould on a wooden stock, producing individual bricks of various colours & textures. Hand-made bricks usually have a single frog, but may be solid.

Soft-Mud in Machine Mould: This is an adaptation of the hand-making method. Again, a clay with a high moisture content is used, dropped between single mix screw system and mechanically thrown into metal moulds which after excess clay is removed, reverse and release the brick, giving a simulated hand-made brick. Soft-Mud bricks generally have a single frog.


Model : CNA 1800-Clay Moulding and Pressing
Type : Movable Four Wheels or stationery
Power Electric Motor : 7.5 HP or 10 hp Diesel engine (air cool)
Production Per Hour : 800 Bricks Approx @ 3 Mould -- 1200 Bricks Approx @ 2 Moulds
Brick Sizes : Inches L 9” x w 4 ¼” X H 3”
North east Indian brick: L 10” X w 5” X H 3”*Brick Sizes with shrinkage adjustable as per on customer requirements
Bricks Drying area :feet 10’ X 10’ = 144 Bricks
Drying process : Open Sunlight ( if require Shed also advisable)
Clay Feeding : Labour 2 unskilled || Operator : 1 Unskilled
Brick Mold Shifting : 3 Unskilled on Four wheel trolleys
Brick Unmoulding : 2 Unskilled || Brick Mould Washing :1 Unskilled
Clay Moisture : Equal To Hand molding process
Clay Feeding : Conveyor or Manual
Substitute of Clay Mixture : If necessity Machine can use alternative for wet clay mix to use of hand moulds.
Mold BoxPer Stroke : 10 per Second ( 2 Brick or 3 Brick)


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