Twin shaft brick extruder brick making machine

Extruded brick machine (wire cut brick machine) are a relatively output of modern brick type that have become very popular over the past few decades.Twin shaft brick extruder brick machine, also known as wire cut brick machine, are made using a more modern method of brick manufacturing. Relatively low moisture clay is extruded through a die to form a column. This column of clay is then cut with wires, thus the term wire cut, to split the clay into individual bricks.The Machine is sturdy and robust in design, well in performance, easy to operate, simple in maintenance, economic in production.

Extruded bricks, or wire cut bricks, tend to be more uniform in size and shape than soft mud or handmade bricks. It is also possible to apply a wide range of different textures to extruded bricks during the manufacturing process such as sanded textures, roller textures, drag wired textures, rustication and even glazes.One distinctive characteristic of an extruded brick, or wire cut brick, is that they tend to have perforations or core holes running through the bed of the bricks. These perforations come in many different patterns and are there to lighten the brick and aid the drying and firing process.


Out put Bricks Per hour 4500 bricks
H.P Required Power 40 hp 960 Rpm
Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor 20 feet
Brick cutting table Brick cutting table 10 brick per stroke
Body Steel body
Type Diesel or Electric
No of Grinding Roller Four rollers clay crush and grinding
clay brick forming Twin shaft screw for mixing with extrusion on clay brick forming


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