Automatic Twin Table Mould Clay Brick Machine

 In world first modelscrewpress with monogrom emposed in Bricks proper shape molding.

 To get the raw brick strength from clay binding require Proper water percentage required.

 Clay has to be test in the machine before dumping or stocking, before the machine production.

 All unskilled labours,if required one skilled to Maintain the machine daily time to time.

 Brick size confirmation required on time of booking.

 Brick shrinkage allowance has to inform by writing on time of booking on purchase order.

 Monograme ( ie CNA or SVB ) as per cutomer requirements.

 Conveyor belt Optional only.

 Electric Power 25 Hp 960 Rpm or 40 Hp 1440 Rpm.

 Machine Moveble setting Cost Extra.

 Clay screw Press Table Moldedwith Monogramed Bricks Making Machine.

 Diesel Engine Drive-Tractor engine can attatch with belt pulley other wise Heavy Truck Engine with gear box will Do.


Model Twin Table
    Machine Stationery and Moveable
Electric Power
    25 Hp 960 Rpm Or Engine 40 Hp 1440 Rpm
    3mtrs X Width 1650mm X Height 2350 mm
    Per Hour 3000 Bricks ( aprox)
    4 Unskilled Labour For Brick Removel From Machine.
Process Clay Moisture 20 % Approx
Table height 900mm
Screw Height 720 mm X Screw Outer diameter 600 mm
Hopper height 600mm X 620 mm Iner diameter
Brick Mold Station 6 No’s
Conveyor Belt 20 feet power 3 Hp ( For Clay feeding )
Brick Molding Table Dia meter 1150 mm
  Prodution speed adjustable at Belt pulley


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